Big Data

More and more efforts are being concentrated on harnessing the power of data, both internal and external to the organization to get valuable insights that companies can make use. Advances and developments in technology are providing us with the options of handling larger volumes of data, different varieties of data available to us at a very rapid pace in an effective way. Our predictive analytics solutions using the big data technologies for various use cases across different verticals have provided significant benefits to our customers. Our capabilities in implementing hybrid data integration applications using both traditional and big data technologies can be utilized to solve your analytics needs by unearthing the hidden insights in the unexplored data content in your organization.Our focus area of Big Data and Analytics has always been on the specific use cases that make sense from organizational stand point of view but never been about technology and tools.

Some of our use case implementations in Big Data include :

  • Fraud detection in direct to consumer business based on membership subscription model
  • Understanding customer behavior using website data through web analytics applications
  • Sentiment analysis and customer behavior pattern from social media data set for selected product brands
  • Understanding cancel/Save operations performed by customer service and improve retention rates and come up with predictive model of identifying risky customers
  • Customer behavioral analytics and 360 degree view of customers

Our big data application implementation methodology starts with:

  • Identifying the business problem to solve
  • Identifying the available data sources to support the initiative
  • Defining the architecture, tools, technology and storage options needed
  • Design, build and test and deploy the analytics solution
  • Assess the results and benefits
  • Move onto the next use case expanding on the current solution

Our experienced consultants have proven experience in implementing solutions using the most popular platforms – Hadoop, HDFS, HBase, Spark, Hive, NoSQL DBs on major open source cloud based technologies.

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As an IBM business partner, Mannara Corporation offers a number of IBM products and services to its Big Data and Predictive Analytics customers.

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