Mobile BI

Mobile BI is optimized reporting, analysis, and monitoring that enables companies to analyze the data stored across their enterprise to make better business decisions. With Mobile BI, employees can make more informed decisions on the fly, which will ultimately help a company improve the bottom line as well as productivity

With the change in access to data from the ‘wired world’ to a wireless world with the advantage of smartphones/tablet computers has led to a new era of mobile computing. The need for higher efficiency in business processes, improvement in employee productivity (e.g., time spent looking for information), better and faster decision making, better customer service, and delivery of real-time bi-directional data access to make decisions anytime and anywhere has made mobile BI a new mantra for many of the companies worldwide.

Mannara has been implementing Mobile BI solutions for its clients helping them in real-time visibility into data with a secure, immersive mobile experience with features such as data exploration and manipulation with interactive visuals, intuitive search with the same experience which one would get using his standard web browser on personal computer.

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